The Village of Hope is a non-profit organization that sustains, organizes and develops the Village of Hope: a community centre that houses orphans, pregnant women and adults affected by HIV. The Village is located in Tanzania, in the proximity of Dodoma, the administrative capital.


The Village is 100% funded by donations. Our organization does not have costs of management because our partners provide the funding for themselves. As a result, even the smallest contribution will reach directly our children.

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Statute revision 2019


We selected for the Village of Hope two logos that represent the natural environment, the location and the organization of our Village.

The Baobab Tree: an enormous baobab (the so-called thousand years old tree) that grows at the entrance of the Village of Hope, welcoming our little patients and offering shade and coolness to the waiting visitors.

The children within the circle and the hexagon: the focus of the Village of Hope are our children, the little boys and girls hosted in our six ” family homes” that form the hexagon in the middle of the village. (See also our village in Google Maps).

Photogallery: the village